The Rochester Investment Team

The Rochester TeamManaging 20 Yield-Driven Municipal Bond Funds

The historic success of the Oppenheimer Rochester® municipal funds stems from our team’s core strengths:

  • Deep knowledge of the municipal bond market
  • Vast investing experience across the full credit spectrum
  • Expertise in researching investment opportunities before our competitors do

We comb the municipal market for bonds with an appealing set of credit characteristics, including the potential for above-average yields. We employ stringent credit criteria to identify bonds that we believe will have favorable risk/reward trade-offs over the long term.

Our research leads us to accumulate bonds with varying maturities, coupons and quality levels and to invest in a variety of sectors. We also work to identify market inefficiencies and often find value in sectors that are a few steps off the beaten path. Importantly, we do not manage our funds based on predictions of interest rate changes. Rather, we encourage investors to recognize that yield represents the lion’s share of a fund’s long-term total return.